"Sesim Sarpkaya Science"

 high school

 O Tarsus Sesim Sarpkaya Science High School was built for keeping alive their daughter’s name by a charitable family whose daughter died in a trajedic traffic accident. The school started its academic year in 2010-2011 education year with 2 classes (52 students) in the building of Umut Sami Şensoy Anatolian High School. The school started its academic year in 2013-2014 education year in its own school building.

Sesim Sarpkaya Science High School is the best state school in Tarsus. We want to increase our school's popularity not only in education but also in every aspects in our region.  ur schools' Culture and Literature Clup, Sport Clup, Chess Clup, Excursion Clup are doing their duties very actively to provide the students' development in social and mental aspect. Chess tournaments, football, voleyball, tennis and basketball tournaments are done in our school and the winners attend the national and regional competitions for representing our school and always get awards. We are a Science High School so the most important thing for us is attending the Olympic Competitions about science lessons, TUBİTAK competitions, TUBİTAK science fair and to reach this aim, our science teachers direct the students and study with them. 

Our school and staffs are experienced in Erasmus+ projects.