"Gimnazija Tolmin"


We, students and teachers of Gimnazija Tolmin believe that  SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL.

We take pride in  our educational quality, academic reputation, friendly atmosphere and extra-curricular activities supported by diligent students and dedicated teachers.

Nestling in the Soča Valley, in the heart of the Community of Tolmin, West Slovenia, means that all of our students are able to experience the benefits of being at school in the countryside and at the same time in a town providing many varied opportunities for visits to enhance learning     experiences.   

As a school, we offer a multitude of opportunities for each student to develop his or her creative talents, in class and after school. Our young people, with the dedication and enthusiasm of our staff, produce outstanding performances on the sports field, the stage, and in a variety of public speaking arenas. We value the participation of all students in the extra-curricular programme and, as a school community, when we compete, we always do our best.

We recognise the potential of each young person and seek to awaken in each of them a passion for learning.

Excellence is our aim not only for students but also for teachers, therefore we strive to provide high quality staff development programmes building teachers’ knowledge. Whole staff training sessions are provided on a regular basis, resources are available in the school’s learning environment whilst individual members of staff are given opportunities to attend training courses.

 With no more than 200 students  we are a small school  and being small  enables us to offer an environment with a positive ethos in which students are more visible, which among others results in higher academic achievement. The aim is the same for every student because every student is important to us.