Fonyód - hungary

The Hungarian meeting was held between 13th September and 16th September.
During the meeting, we visited several places of historical, cultural and natural
importance. These places belong to our cultural heritage as well. We visited Kisberény where we listened to a lecture about ancient signs and symbols and how they influence our lives even today. Besides the lecture, we could try some activities typical of ancient Hungarian people (archery, how to handle the whip, horse riding) and we could taste an ancient bread consumed by our ancestors. We had some interesting moments in the living museum in Buzsák where we could taste local sweets and get to know the basics of the local embroidery.
We visited a natural beauty spot (Badacsony) and a spa, which plays an important
role in our lives since it has an excellent healing effect.
We did some walking in Balatonboglár, where, with the help of a map and our QR
code readers, we familiarized ourselves with the history and sights of our
neighbouring town.


The meeting provided us a wonderful opportunity to deepen the friendship among
one another by gaining even more experience and knowledge about our cultures and
it also contributed to the preparation of the next two meetings to be held in France
and Finland to a great extent.