high school

Lycée Henri Bergson is located in a popular part of Paris, in the north-east of Paris. It is a place where there are many families from middle and lower classes. It is a district that stands out for its multiculturalism, as many of the inhabitants come from the whole world : from North Africa, Sub Saharian Africa, China, and many other countries.

This highschool is made up of a lower secondary school with around 500 pupils and 35 teachers ; an upper secondary school with 75 teachers and 800 pupils ; vocational and higher education with 65 teachers and 450 pupils.

In the highschool, there are pupils aged between 15 and 18. Three levels are known as Seconde, Première and Terminale. Pupils can sit for the french national exam named “Baccalauréat”: the general Baccalauréat in different majors, the "L" series (literary studies), the "ES" series (economic et social studies), and the S" series (sciences); the technological  Baccalauréat with subjects such as engineering and business. 

There are also special classes to welcome foreign students and also classes with special needs pupils.