" With ICAB project, I have learnt about the way of life of other countries, their different values, the wealth of each country in the Erasmus+ project. I have also learnt traditionnal dances from my country, applied myself to work as carefulness as possible, being organized as a buddy and I know now that I can make me friends who do not speak my language."

Calypso, Lycée H. Bergson, Paris - France

Axelle, Lycée H. Bergson, Paris - France

" With this Erasmus+ project, I have learnt the location of Lithuania in Europe, and I have discovered Estonia and several meals of the countries taking part of ICAB project.

I have learnt how to practice baroque dances and how to give an oral presentation in English."

"I was very happy that I had an opportunity to visit Estonia, Narva. In this project we went to museums, to Narva castle, to Tartu city.  During this project I met a lot of kind people from different countries: Finland, Estonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Turkey. These countries now are not just usual places for me, but places, where our friends live! All participants worked together, participated in different activities, for example we created poems about art, we prepared and presented our country’s traditional dishes. Also we sang the project’s anthem ,,One team” and the atmosphere when we were singing this song felt like we were really one team having one dream, because of the positive energy from all the participants. We also had presentations about national traditions, we improved public speaking and now I know more about other cultures. It was my first intercultural project. At first I was nervous, because I never had this kind of experience, but now I’m happy that everything was more than interesting and I made a lot of friends."


Donata Župerkaitė

"I was very eager to meet new people and get to know a new culture. I think  the activities we

re all good. I was very satisfied with the visit"

Heta Reijonen, Finland

"I was excited to meet new people and learn about new cultures. I learnt about the food culture of the other countries during the meeting and also about their traditions and history. I was very satisfied with all the activities. Especially the visit to Tartto was great. "

Oskari Leppänen, Finland

Even though we were in Estonia for only one week, we will never forget the experience. From the different lifestyle and culture than ours, to new friendships with not only Estonians, but also with Hungarians, French, Turks, Lithuanians and most importantly Finns with whom we forged a really strong friendship, lasting to this very day in hope of lasting forever. Another interesting part of the exchange was the fact that Narva lies right next to the border between Estonia and Russia. From the big apartment buildings with really small apartments to the different living habits, the effect the Soviet Union had on Estonia really stood out. I can't really say that I enjoyed the way of life of Estonians, but it was a unique experience that will never be forgotten. It was really something different from my hometown of Tolmin.

Matej, Slovenia

I had a great time in Estonia, met so many nice people and was able to learn about new cultures. I enjoyed every second, even if it was very cold there.

Zarja, Slovenia

From the visit of guests from different countries I have received a tremendous experience in
communication in English. I also found friends who shared my interests. It was very exciting to host a
person with a different culture and at first I also was afraid that there would be a language barrier. We
coped with everything!

Jekaterina, Estonia

In March of this year, I took part in an amazing international youth exchange project as a host sister. If Iwere asked to describe in one word what it was like to participate in this event, I would say – fabulous!Honestly, before the start of the project, I was a little scared and confused that something would gowrong. However, as soon as we met, I realized that I was absolutely worried about nothing. I hosted the girl from Lithuania, who came to me earlier than other participants from different countries, and despite the age difference (I was 4 years older), we immediately became friends and began to communicate. English was not an obstacle, but on the contrary a wonderful assistant. During the whole project we visited many different, delightful places, looked at sights, went to master classes and just had a wonderful time. One of the most unusual days was the one when we wrote poems in English related to art, and after that we shot a video where we read them. This project taught me above all not to be afraid, but always to say "yes" to something new in my life. I received a lot of fantastic impressions, memories and made new friends, with whom we still communicate.

Elina, Estonia